100+ Women Who Care

October-January 2020

100 Women Who Care CLE-Eastside is based on the simple concept of bringing women together to make a large impact on our local community. As individuals it can be challenging to make a meaningful contribution, but as a group we can harness our power for maximum impact. In one hour your $100 check becomes a $10,000 gift! Since our inception in 2013, we have supported 20 local, non-profit organizations with over $210,000 in donations.

At our meeting on October 21, 2019, we chose Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. The funds will be designated to the Community Care Fund for Cuyahoga County.  Planned Parenthood has always provided health care services to people regardless of ability to pay.  They provide reproductive health care for over 60,000 women.  But with the gag rule and the cut in Title 10 funding, the cost of providing this care has gone up by over $4 million dollars annually.  The loss in Title 10 funding also resulted in Planned Parenthood losing preferred pricing for certain services.  The Community Care Fund is a philanthropically supported fund to make up the difference between what a client can pay and the cost of services.    


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