Help put an end to Domestic Violence this Valentine’s Day by donating to United Way of Greater Cleveland. Spending money on roses, a fancy dinner, or even diamonds this Valentine’s Day? Consider putting money towards a good cause. United, we can help survivors of domestic violence.

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Box of Chocolates

Spending $25 on a box of chocolates? Give $25 to keep a mother and child fleeing domestic violence safe and warm for a week.


Spending $50 on a dozen roses? Give $50 to help a domestic violence survivor fight back in the courtroom.

Night on the Town

Spending $100 for a night out on the town? Give $100 for 10 nights of peace, food and shelter for a person staying at a domestic violence shelter.

Diamond Necklace

Spending $1,000 on diamonds? Give $1,000 to give a family fleeing domestic violence a fresh start in a new home.

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Please enter any donation you'd like to help survivors of domestic violence.

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